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Steady Progress During May

Construction move forward steadily during the month of May.  Beginning June 1 the pool and auditorium will begin with demolition work.  Following the SDHS graduation black top begins on campus with various phases taking place through the month of June.  The work in the main gym begins June 7.  Track and tennis court begins in June along with construction of the greenhouse.


-High school chillers are up and running.  Fencing around them has been started.
-The parking lot by the soccer field/AES is nearing completion.
-The bleachers at baseball and softball have been installed.
-Floor has been poured along with steel beams constructed.  The block wall is currently being constructed all on the Fine Arts addition.
-Work continues on the new access road.
-Three (3) new storage garages were installed at baseball, softball, and practice football.
-Concrete pad was extended around the dugouts at the baseball field.

You can view an on-going archive of photos from this project in the Photo Archive.

June starts with a lot of activity
Construction Progress!

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