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Meet Our Team Monday: Mrs. Dianna Petty

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This week we welcome Mrs. Dianna Petty, South Dearborn alumna and 2nd grade teacher at Aurora Elementary School, to the Meet Our Team Monday spotlight.

Mrs. Petty attended Dillsboro Elementary School and graduated from South Dearborn High School. She went on to receive her Bachelor of Education degree from Northern Kentucky University and her Master of Education degree from Indiana Wesleyan University.

We asked Mrs. Petty about her time at DES and she said that her elementary school years are treasured memories. “I remember friends, as well as my wonderful teachers. I remember Darla Jacobs as my third grade teacher. She always greeted me, and still does, with a smile. I enjoyed second grade with Marlene Dozier and Sallie Streitenberger. I clearly remember trying to slant my letters correctly in cursive for Mrs. Dozier. I now work alongside Sallie Streitenberger, who is a dear friend. I loved my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Judy Rosengarn.”

Mrs. Petty says that she chose to make her career in education because of her love for children. “I enjoyed spending time with kids and the idea of having my own classroom seemed exciting. I enjoy arts and crafts, so the opportunity to design my classroom and create activities for children appealed to me. I wanted the chance to help students learn and grow. I consider it an honor to have a student in my class. For a year, and sometimes longer, I become a member of that student’s family.”

When we asked Mrs. Petty what she enjoyed most about working at Aurora Elementary School, she said that it is the feeling of being “at home” there. “I work with wonderful friends as my colleagues. I see how hard each teacher works to benefit our students and feel a sense of pride each day I go to work.”

As always, we asked Mrs. Petty what her hopes and goals are for the school year. She answered, “My goal for this school year is to make a difference in the lives of the twenty-two children in my class. I become an integral part of their lives. I dry their tears and teach them how to read, write, and spell. I comfort hurt feelings and teach how to work with numbers. The skills I work on will be with my students for the rest of their lives. I strive to prepare my students the best I can for their future.”

Outside of school, Mrs. Petty enjoys spending time with her husband and four-year-old daughter, Stella. “I enjoy reading to Stella and I read myself each evening. I play co-ed softball and enjoy watching the Cincinnati Bengals. I love to paint with watercolor, and work in my flower gardens.”

Mrs. Petty says that her advice for SDCSC students is, “believe in yourself. Don’t let the words or actions of others limit or control your decisions. If you work hard, care about your work, and show perseverance. You can reach your goals. Be responsible for your actions, be honest, and model good character. Above all else, be kind to others!”

Thank you for sharing with us today, Mrs. Petty!

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