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Superintendent: Dr. John Mehrle
Administrative Assistant:  Eric Lows 

Business Manager: Bill Narwold
Shawn Spindler: Corporation Treasurer
Charlotte McClure: Payroll and Human Resource Supervisor
Kristina Barrott:  Secretary to the Superintendent
Phyllis Mills: Administrative Secretary -- Cafeteria/Transportation



Welcome to South Dearborn!

If you are interested in joining one of the leading school districts in Southeastern Indiana, please contact us! We are open for business and hope you will consider sending your children here!

We are pleased with the progress made here since July of 2012.  We are happy  to report that we had the highest increase in ISTEP scores this year  out of all the area schools. We are also  very pleased that  our school corporation ranking by the Department of Education improved from a "C" to a "B." Our  high school and Dillsboro Elementary School both received  "A" ratings. South Dearborn Middle School has shown great progess in moving to a "B" from the "D" rating it had received in previous years as did Moores Hill Elementary moving from a "C" rating to a "B." Manchester remains a high performing "B" rated school and Aurora Elementary has made great strides in increasing its ISTEP scores and student performance. Please compare our ratings to other schools.


South Dearborn School Corporation -- B
South Dearborn High School -- A
South Dearborn Middle School -- B
Dillsboro Elementay -- A
Manchester Elementary -- B
Moores Hill -- B
Aurora Elementary -- C

South Dearborn's academic and  music/arts  programs are second to none in the region and we offer comprehensive athletic and other extracurricular opportunities.   Our main campus is one of the prettiest in the state. Moreover, our other elementary schools in the outlying areas of our school district offer personalized learning, in safe community-based, settings. No student is a stranger. Our middle school is launching a 1:1 initiative  for next year, providing each student with a digital device to enhance  21st Century learning skills.

 If you are planning to move to South Dearborn or would like to enroll your child or children in our schools, we would welcome your application.

Please feel free to apply if you live ourside our school district. If your application is accepted, there is no longer any transfer tuition. Students living outside our school district may attend without any additional costs. Your only responsibility is transportation. Applications may be denied based upon  criteria found in I.C. 20-26-11-2, I.C. 20-26-11-6, and I.C. 20-26-11-32. 


John Mehrle, Ed.D 


                                      VISION STATEMENT

Our vision of the South Dearborn Community School Corporation is that of a leading school corporation with a shared commitment to a continuous improvement process that engages and challenges all stakeholders.  Students are immersed in a rigorous, personalized curriculum supported by a 21st century learning environment. A culture of excellence is sustained with a dedicated team working collaboratively toward common goals. South Dearborn is fiscally responsible and provides a safe and secure learning environment where parents choose to send their children and staff desire to work.  

                                     MISSION STATEMENT

The mission of South Dearborn Community School Corporation is to Grow, Excel, and Achieve.

                                                     CORPORATION GOALS

1. Develop and implement the framework needed to receive AdvanceEd, K-12 District Accreditation..
Improve stakeholder satisfaction
3. Prepare and implement research-based school safety plan for measuring and improving building and staff safety preparedness.
Increase capacity to utilize technology in the classroom.

                                            BELIEF/VALUE STATEMENTS

South Dearborn Community School Corporation believes:
  • Data-driven, personalized learning experiences increase student achievement.


  • All students can achieve at higher levels. 
  • Students must be actively engaged in their own education.
  • A rigorous and relevant curriculum fosters college and career readiness, and supports a systematic framework to engage student learning.
  •       It takes s a strong community partnership to collaboratively educate students efficiently and effectively.


  • The effective application of technology enhances curriculum and increases corporation efficiency.

  • Extracurricular activities promote learning and develop a well-rounded, comprehensive educational experience.

South Dearborn Community School Corporation values:

  •        An educational framework that drives student success.
  • Teachers who effectively deliver instruction, are accountable for student learning, and are dedicated advocates for students.

  • Personnel who are dedicated to common goals, fiscal responsibility, and well-maintained,  clean facilities within a safe and secure learning environment.








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