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Anti-Bullying Program

BULLYING!  The word is heard in schools across the state and across the country!  And, it's not just a word, it's real!  It goes on every day, in every school, in every state, and likely in every country.  So, what exactly IS bullying?  

Bullying defined is:  OVERT, UNWANTED, REPEATED ACTS OR GESTURES, including verbal or written communications or images transmitted in any manner ("cyber bullying").  It's when physical acts are committed; aggression; harassment; ridicule; humiliation; intimidation, and/or harm towards a targeted individual.

South Dearborn Community School Corporation has implemented a district  bullying policy as per State Statute HEA 1423, (anti-bullying statute).   The school has active anti-bullying programs, anti-bullying convocations, and bullying procedures in place that are followed by our building administrators in regard to investigating and addressing reported cases of bullying. 

The entire distict bullying  and harassment policies are listed along with all of our other coporation  policies on our Corporation webpage. The corporation policies can be found under the "Board Policies and Bylaws" QUICK LINKS tab placed on the right side of our Corporation web site. Click Anti-Bullying  to view additional anti-bullying documents located in our document library.

If bullying is occurring or suspected please do one of the following:  
For each suspected case of student harassment/bullying, school officials will complete the  SDCSC Student Investigative Harassment Reporting Tool Form 5517

For each suspected case of personnel harassment/bullying, school officials will complete the  SDCSC Personnel Investigative Harassment Reporting Tool Form 1662

If you have questions, contact the school.  If you need additional information/resources, check these out:
www.iKeepSafe.org,  www.StaySafeOnline.org,   www.Wired.Safety.org,   www.NetSmartz.org,   www.ConnectSafely.org,   www.CyberBully411.org,  www.GetNetWise.org,  

Bullying in Schools Handout

To learn more, contact your child's school.


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