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2017 Rose Ceremony

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This week, South Dearborn High School's top seniors took part in a Rose Ceremony, traveling the district to present roses and a special framedletter to the teacher who was the most influential to them over the span of their elementary, middle, and high school careers. During the ceremony, students honored teachers at South Dearborn High School,  South Dearborn Middle School, Aurora Elementary School, Moores Hill Elementary School, and Manchester Elementary School to honor these outstanding educators. We would like to take a moment to congratulate these amazing young people as they take steps towards their future, and honor the educators who made such a positive impact on the students placed in their charge:

Audrey Pennington -- Mrs. Hartle of SDHS
Chris Weissmann -- Miss Gerber of SDHS
Cassie Markland -- Miss House of AES
Breanna Huddleston -- Mrs. Dole of MES
Connor Rose -- Mr. Brown of SDHS
Brett Hoog -- Mrs. Detmer (retired) of MES
Courtney Sledge -- Mrs. Brown of SDHS
Emily Johnson -- Mrs. Hartle of SDHS
Ashley Brown -- Mr. Thorpe of AES
Kevin Gray -- Mr. Reynolds of AES
Destiny Conrad -- Mr. Brown of SDHS
Logan Huddleston -- Mrs. Helton of SDMS
Oliver Moisio -- Mrs. Brown of SDHS
Sarah Brayshaw --- Mr. Johnson of SDHS
Baylee Giesting -- Mr. Brown of SDHS
Georgia Hummel -- Mrs. Ransom of MHES
Andrew Weissmann -- Mrs. Brown of SDHS
Haley Ridlen -- Mr. Thorpe of AES
Matthew Bruner -- Mr. Brown of SDHS

Alumni Spotlight: Ms. Kellee Couch

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kellee couch

Join us as we welcome Ms. Kellee Couch to the alumni spotlight! Kellee is a 2007 South Dearborn High School graduate and currently enjoys a career with
Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated where she is an Account Developer.

After graduation, Kellee says she struggled to find the career path that was right for her. “I took a lot of general classes at Ivy Tech Community College before finding out about the bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies offered by Indiana University East in Lawrenceburg. I am very outspoken and probably talk too much, but South Dearborn helped me focus my leadership abilities and outspokenness through the extracurricular activities they offered. I was in Student Government all four years of high school and two years of middle school. I played numerous sports in middle school and stuck with tennis in high school. All of those things really helped me stay focused and let my leadership abilities shine through.”

We asked Kellee if she had a favorite teacher or subject during her years at SDCSC. She replied, “My favorite subjects were probably History or English. I had a few favorite teachers - Mr. Chalk, my principal in middle school, and Mrs. Grady, my second grade teacher, come immediately to mind. But my all-time favorite teacher was Mr. Tyler. He was my gym teacher all through middle school as well as in charge of Student Council in middle school and my tennis coach in high school. He was always such a stand-up guy; he cared about his students and would do anything for any of them. I didn’t know anyone who didn’t love Mr. Tyler. When I would see him after high school he would always ask me what I was doing and if I had gotten a degree and, if not, why I hadn’t yet. He pushed me hard during school and after graduation. Even though he has since passed away, when I am making decisions about my career or college, I always think of him.”

Kellee has so many fond memories of her time at SDCSC she wasn’t sure she could name just one. “Being on prom committee, playing tennis, going to basketball games and football games, and hanging out with my friends every weekend stand out to me. Although, senior spring break was probably my favorite week out of those four years of high school. I love a lot of things about my time at SDHS!”

We asked Kellee what advice she would give SDCSC students and she replied, “Do as much as you can. Get involved in anything and everything. This is your only moment where you will have free time to just do what YOU want to do and not what your boss, your kids, your family, or your professors want you to do. Also, try your hardest or you will regret it. I got good grades, but I could have earned excellent grades if I had tried harder. Always try harder—at everything.”

Thanks for sharing with us today, Kellee!

Meet Our Team Monday: Rick Zimmerman

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Screenshot 2017 04 03 12.35.40

Today’s Meet Our Team Monday spotlight is shining on Mr. Rick Zimmerman, South Dearborn High School English teacher. Mr. Zimmerman enjoys teaching freshmen honors and junior English classes, as well as Holocaust in literature, science fiction and fantasy, world mythology, and GQE remediation.

We asked Mr. Zimmerman if he had a favorite teacher during his high school years, or if there was someone who made an impact on his decision to become a teacher. He responded, “My freshman English teacher, Bob Brash, blended high expectations with a very good rapport with his students and has been a model of how I have approached my teaching. Another role model has been Dr. Clayton Lein, under whom I studied for two English classes at Purdue. Dr. Lein’s sense of humor and his ability to inspire his students to probe deeply and thoughtfully has inspired me, as well.”

Mr. Zimmerman says that he comes from a family of teachers, including his mother, Nancy, who was an elementary media specialist. “After a change of heart on pursuing an engineering degree, I decided in college that I wanted to put my love of reading and my language abilities to good use while helping others. Teaching English seemed like a perfect fit.”

He is now in his 30th year of teaching at SDHS – the only school in which he has ever taught. We asked Mr. Zimmerman what he enjoys most about being part of the SDCSC community and what he thinks makes the school stand out. He said, “​I have always appreciated the respect and positive behavior that SDHS students generally show the staff and each other. In addition, I have felt fortunate to teach in a building as nice as SDHS is and in one of the most beautiful locations of any school in Indiana. Finally, I appreciate the support of both my building and the central administration​s over the years as I have sought to bring in the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and Holocaust survivor speakers as well as other programs, and for facilitating my participation in many professional development opportunities. SDCSC teachers are given much freedom to experiment, to grow and to learn, if they choose.”

When asked what his goals for the next school year are, he answered, “​One goal for next year is to continue to refine the new junior English electives and to develop several other electives so that we can expand these offerings to senior general English students. I also hope that our SDHS staff can work on improving the reading levels of our students and to continue raising our test scores.”

In his free time, Mr. Zimmerman enjoys reading, studying the Holocaust, attending the theatre, and spending time during the summer at Lake Wawasee where his parents reside. He also enjoys cycling, traveling, and leading student trips to Europe. His next trip is coming up in June when he’ll lead a group of SDHS students and parents through a tour of Italy.

When asked about his favorite book, Mr. Zimmerman had quite a few to recommend. “Several of my favorite reads of late include All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, and Love Wins by Debbie Cenziper and Jim Obergefell (a friend and former SDHS German teacher).”

Mr. Zimmerman’s advice for SDCSC students, from elementary school through high school, is really great advice for us all: “Don't hesitate to embrace new situations, challenges, and opportunities so that you can eventually discover your true passions; then, pursue those passions, whether as part of your career or in your personal life, so that you can live your life with purpose and joy.”

Thank you so much for sharing with us today, Mr. Zimmerman!

Meet Our Team Monday: Mrs. Michelle Getz

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This week we’d like to welcome Mrs. Michelle Getz to the Meet Our Team Monday spotlight.
Mrs. Getz is a library paraprofessional at Aurora Elementary School, and she recently took a few minutes to talk with us about herself and her work at AES.

Mrs. Getz loves to read, and enjoys sharing her love of reading with her students at AES. “I enjoy sharing books with the students and encouraging them to become life long readers. Reading is fundamental to all that we do – both academically and in day-to-day routines. My goal is always to encourage reading and to meet the reading abilities of each individual student in order to assist their teachers as they endeavor to help them improve their skills.”

We asked Mrs. Getz what she enjoys most about being part of the team at Aurora Elementary School. She replied, “I most enjoy working with the staff. They are a great team! I believe SDCSC is a wonderful school system that cares about educating and supporting students in all areas and preparing them for their future.”

When she’s not at AES, Mrs. Getz enjoys spending time with family and exploring the outdoors. “I love spending time with my husband, Tony, and my children, Brittany and Ethan. We love the outdoors and sitting around the fire pit! I have two dogs, Chester and Skippy, and eleven chickens! I love to go antique shopping, and of course – to read! My favorite book is Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott.”

Mrs. Getz says that her advice for SDCSC students is to “work hard to obtain the best education you can, to never give up on your dreams, and of course - to keep reading!”

Thank you so much for sharing with us today, Mrs. Getz!

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