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Academic Programs & Services

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Elementary School
Students thrive in our smaller class sizes that allow for one-to-one time with teachers. Our forward thinking educational model ensures that are students are consistently exposed to the most up and coming course and methods of learning. Learn more:
Middle School
Our school supports the growing independence for students in grades 7-8. Students are challenged to reach their full potential. With opportunities to learn in new and different ways including Project Lead the Way, students are engaged in project based learning that teaches relevant topics through hands on experience. Learn more:
High School
Our students are challenged with rigorous academic curriculums that prepare them for what comes next in their life – be it college or a career. We offer a multitude of course offerings including numerous Dual College Credit & AP Courses, Technical Training and more. Learn more:
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All Day Kindergarten

Our All Day Kindergarten provides a safe, nurturing environment that sets a solid foundation for a student's future education. By starting your child within the same school system that he or she will attend in elementary, middle and high school, you set the foundation now for future success and lifelong friendships.

Instruction is based on meeting the needs of children in all developmental areas to provide the foundation of future learning. Language development, self-expression, creative thinking, physical and social development are major goals of this program. A student must be at least five years of age on or before August 1st of the current year to enroll in a kindergarten program. For more information, please contact the appropriate elementary school directly:

6098 Squire Place
Aurora, IN 47001
Phone: 812-926-2090
E-Mail: aurora@sdcsc.k12.in.us

Aurora Principal: Mary Bailey


13200 North Street
Dillsboro, IN 47018
Phone: 812-926-2090
E-Mail: dillsboro@sdcsc.k12.in.us

Dillsboro Principal: To Be Announced

9387 State Road 48   
Aurora, IN 47001  
Phone: 812-926-2090
E-Mail: Manchester@sdcsc.k12.in.us

Manchester Principal: Janet Platt

14733 Main Street
Moores Hill, IN 47032
Phone: 812-926-2090
E-Mail: mooreshill@sdcsc.k12.in.us

Moores Hill Principal: Beverly Moore

Anti-Bullying Program

BULLYING!  The word is heard in schools across the state and across the country!  And, it's not just a word, it's real!  It goes on every day, in every school, in every state, and likely in every country.  So, what exactly IS bullying?  

Bullying defined is:  OVERT, UNWANTED, REPEATED ACTS OR GESTURES, including verbal or written communications or images transmitted in any manner ("cyber bullying").  It's when physical acts are committed; aggression; harassment; ridicule; humiliation; intimidation, and/or harm towards a targeted individual.

South Dearborn Community School Corporation has implemented a district  bullying policy as per State Statute HEA 1423, (anti-bullying statute).   The school has active anti-bullying programs, anti-bullying convocations, and bullying procedures in place that are followed by our building administrators in regard to investigating and addressing reported cases of bullying. 

The entire distict bullying  and harassment policies are listed along with all of our other coporation  policies on our Corporation webpage. The corporation policies can be found under the "Board Policies and Bylaws" QUICK LINKS tab placed on the right side of our Corporation web site. Click Anti-Bullying to view additional anti-bullying documents located in our document library.

If bullying is occurring or suspected please do one of the following:  
  • The most effective means to address the situation is to contact your child's school principal directly by phone or email
  • Visit our anti-bullying information area
    • If you are unable to contact the school principal, you may complete the SDCSC Student Harassment/Bullying Reporting Tool Form 5517 and submit to the school principal
    • For suspected harassment/bullying of school personnel, complete the SDCSC Harassment/Bullying Reporting Tool Form 1662 Personnel and submit to the appropriate administrator
  • Call the Safe School Helpline @ 1-800-418-6423, ext. 359 (the call is anonymus)
  • Make contact through www.safeschoolhelpline.com (this is anonymus)
For each suspected case of student harassment/bullying, school officials will complete the  SDCSC Student Investigative Harassment Reporting Tool Form 5517.
For each suspected case of personnel harassment/bullying, school officials will complete the  SDCSC Personnel Investigative Harassment Reporting Tool Form 1662.

If you have questions, contact the school.  If you need additional information/resources, check these out:
To learn more, contact your child's school.

Character Education

Cultivating a sense of character is an integral part of our school's culture from Kindergarten through High School. Students are consistently engaged in activities that promote the 6 Pillars of Character:

1) Respect
2) Responsibility
3) Trust Worthiness
4) Fairness
5) Caring
6) Citizenship

We firmly believe it is part of our job to help ensure our students are just strong learners, but are strong citizens.

Drug Awareness Program

NO family or neighborhood -- affluent or disadvantaged, urban or rural -- is immune to the dangers of drugs. It is naive to think that any of us can "shield" our children from the pressures or stresses of life.  Prescription medications are a huge risk and a huge temptation to young people.  Every day, more than 2,000 children use a prescription drug to get high for the first time.  Illegal drugs...there are many already on the market, and many most of us know nothing about.  Ever heard of "K2?"  "Spice?"  Maybe...maybe not.  But, you've heard of marijuana and heroin.  Those, and many others, are "out there."  

If you have questions, contact the school.  If you need additional information/resources, check these out:
www.iKeepSafe.org,  www.StaySafeOnline.org,   www.Wired.Safety.org,   www.NetSmartz.org,   www.ConnectSafely.org,   www.CyberBully411.org,  www.GetNetWise.org,   just to name a few.

Review our drug testing policy and form.

To learn more, contact your child's school.

High Ability Program

How Do You Determine if a Child is High Ability?
A High Ability Student is one who: "performs at, or shows the potential for performing at, an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one domain when compared to other students of the same age, experience, or environment; and is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, motivation, or interests."

SDCSC High Ability Philosophy
We believe that High Ability students have a right to:
• Know about their giftedness
• Learn something new every day
• Seek guidance in the development of their talent(s)
• Feel good about their accomplishments

We also feel that High Ability students should have access to:
• Education grounded in recognition of individual differences and unique learning needs.
• Instruction responsive to their individual learning rate, style, and complexity.
• Learning environments that incorporate activities to help these students develop independence, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

We provide an appropriate range of educational services to effectively meet the cognitive and affective needs of all high ability students. All students will have equal access to high ability programming, including students with limited English proficiency, students with cultural or socioeconomic differences, and students with unique learning needs.

SDCSC High Ability Program Goals
Goal 1:
High Ability students in grades K-12 will be successfully identified regardless of gender, race, age or socio-economic background.

Goal 2
All staff and stakeholders will be trained in the academic, social, and emotional needs of High Ability students.

Goal 3
We will provide a challenging academic education that develops critical, creative, and evaluative thinking processes in order to provide the necessary tools for effective problem solving.

Goal 4
We will provide an environment for high ability students that fosters their social and emotional needs by promoting an appreciation of giftedness.Content needs to  be discussed.

SDCSC High Ability Mission Statement
Our mission is to develop, implement, and maintain an appropriate systematic range of services to meet the individual, academic, social, and emotional needs of all high ability learners so that they may reach their fullest academic potential.

Skyward Family Access

This new tool will help you monitor and participate in your student's education while staying in touch with teachers and staff at school. In Skyward Family Access you will be able to view your student’s attendance, grades, upcoming assignments, cafeteria account balance, fee balances, and other pertinent information. You will also have the ability to update certain information such as your phone number, email, and address as well as enter emergency contacts. 

If you do not already have a username and password for Skyward Family Access please contact your student's school at 812-926-2090 and request a Family Access account. You will then be given the necessary login information to begin using this powerful new tool.

Southeastern Indiana Career Center

Students who select a career development program at South Dearborn High School attend the Southeastern Career Center in Versailles during their junior and senior years or for their senior year only. These students are eligible for most activities at the high school.

Students attend the Career Center in the morning, returning to South Dearborn for lunch and afternoon classes. Credits earned at SCC serve as elective credits for all diploma types. Many programs lead to certification or grant college credit. Applications for 2014-2015 are available in the High School Guidance Department. It is advisable to submit applications to the Guidance Department as soon as possible due to limits on program availability.

Vocational courses available include:
  • Auto Collision Repair
  • Auto Service Technology
  • Building Trades
  • Business Technology
  • CAD/CAM Technology
  • CBE (Career Based Education)
  • Communications Media
  • Computer Repair
  • Cosmetology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Drafting and Design
  • Electric Trades
  • Graphic Communications
  • Machine Trades Technology
  • Medical Career Technology
  • Medical Secretary
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Welding Technology
Have more questions? Contact our High School Guidance Department team.

Lisa Moorhead – Director of Guidance, Lisa.Moorhead@sdcsc.k12.in.us
Sally Bender, Sally.Bender@sdcsc.k12.in.us
Lisa Tupper, Lisa.Tupper@sdcsc.k12.in.us

Special Education

We believe in serving every child's needs and work diligently to provide an exceptional educational experience for students who require additional assistance. South Dearborn School Corporation is a member of the Ripley-Ohio-Dearborn Special Education Cooperative (ROD), which provides trained staff and program support for special needs students.

To learn more about our Special Education departments, please contact us at 812-926-2090.

Visit the Ripley-Ohio-Dearborn Special Education Cooperative web site.

Speech & Language Services

Good speech, language, and communication skills are an important part of school success.

Speech & language therapy is offered throughout the entire South Dearborn School Corporation, including each elementary school, the middle school, as well as at the high school level.

Every child is unique and has an individual rate of speech/language development. Children learn speech gradually and as they mature and get older, they often correct speech errors on their own without intervention. If a child is unable to correctly produce sounds when he/she reaches a certain age, speech therapy services may be needed.

Speech and language services are available to students that qualify under Indiana's Article 7. These services focus on remediating skills in the areas of articulation (speech sound production), expressive & receptive language (grammar, vocabulary, word retrieval, listening comprehension), fluency (stuttering), voice disorders, as well as pragmatics (social skills). A student may be referred for an evaluation in the area of speech and/or language impairment by the speech-language pathologist, a teacher, or a parent. Speech and language therapy offers students the ability to participate in individual and group therapy type situations.

At South Dearborn Community Schools speech screenings are given at the kindergarten level either at pre-registration (Kindergarten Round-up) or at the beginning of the school year. If a referral is needed at any stage in a student's school career, you will be contacted by the school's speech-language pathologist. If you have concerns about your child's speech-language development do not hesitate to contact the school speech therapist.

Important early intervention speech therapy evaluations/services are also offered to students who qualify, prior to entering kindergarten, from ages 3-5 by contacting the ROD Special Education Cooperative at 812-623-2212.

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