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Meet Our Team Monday: Mrs. Dawn Bowers

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This week for Meet Our Team Monday, we’d like to share a little about Mrs. Dawn Bowers – 3rd grade teacher at Moores Hill Elementary.

Mrs. Bowers went to school in Jennings County and graduated in 1988. She went on to attend Hanover College where she graduated in 1992 with a degree in elementary education. While at Hanover College she met her future husband, Mr. Todd Bowers, who teaches Biology at South Dearborn High School. Mrs. Bowers received her master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan College in 1998.

We asked Mrs. Bowers who influenced her decision to become an educator and she said that her mother, a retired teacher, was a big influence on her choice to become a teacher. “When I was a child, even before I entered kindergarten, my mother played school with me. She had a little desk that I sat at and she taught me reading, writing, spelling, etc. She even packed my lunch in a little lunch box with a thermos of chicken noodle soup.” She said she has always loved helping others learn, even tutoring other students while she was in high school. “Teaching was my passion. I cannot imagine doing anything else.”

Mrs. Bowers said that she feels that teaching is the most rewarding profession of them all. “I love starting the year off with a fresh new batch of new, eager faces and filling their minds with knowledge and the passion to pursue their dreams. When the school year ends my heart swells with pride as I think back on all they have accomplished and how much they have grown.” She said she especially enjoys seeing former students when they stop by to say hello and tell her all they have accomplished since they left her classroom. “Nothing is more rewarding!”

When we asked what she most enjoys about working at MHES she answered, “This school is a big part of the community. While it is small in size, it is mighty in importance to the students, staff, and community members. It is very much like a family here. I am thrilled to be a part of bringing this tiny school into the public eye. Teaching under Dr. Phillippe has been incredible. She is such a passionate leader and inspires us all, teachers and students alike.”

Mrs. Bowers said that her hopes for this school year are the same that they are every year: to bring out the full potential of every child in her classroom, regardless of their ability level. “I want them to be as passionate about filling their minds with knowledge as I am. I want them to realize the power of education.” She believes that education opens doors, and that all students need to see how that can happen for them.

Outside of school, Mrs. Bowers enjoys spending time with her husband and two children – her son, Isaac, is a senior meteorology student at Western Kentucky University and her daughter, Olivia, is a freshman at WKU studying art history. In her free time, she enjoys reading, scrapbooking, playing with her cats, and visiting Florida every chance she gets. “I love the beach! We are Disney season pass holders and Universal Studios season pass holders. My husband and I also enjoy taking our motorcycle out for rides.”

We asked Mrs. Bowers what advice she has for SDCSC students. She answered, “The best advice I have for any student is to make the most out of your education. Teachers can only give you the tools you need, it is up to you to use them to better yourself.”

Thank you for sharing with us today, Mrs. Bowers!

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