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Moores Hill Elementary

14733 Main Street, Moores Hill, Indiana 47032 | Phone: (812) 744-3184 | Fax: (812)744-5660

Principal: Beverly Moore
Assistant Principal: Kyle Miller


New School Year!

We are excited and anxious to begin the 2013-2014 school year at Moores Hill. Teachers have beenworking in rooms, the custodians have done an excellent job preparing the building and the cooks havesome new healthy menus to try. All we need now are our students.Meet the teacher night is July 30th from 5-6. It is a relaxed tailgating structure where you go from tableto table and talk with our staff. The students can tour the building and feel confident where they will begoing on their first day of school. Please plan to come and join us.The first day of school for students is July 31st. School starts at 7:55 and dismisses at 3:10.We have added to our administrative staff, Mrs. Kyle Miller, Assistant Principal. She will be servingAurora Elementary in the mornings and Moores Hill in the afternoons while I serve Dillsboro as theirPrincipal in the afternoons. I will be accessible to parents and teachers every day.We look forward to working with your children. Our philosophy:

· THE STUDENT is part of our school; he/she is not an outsider.

· THE STUDENT does not depend on us: we depend on the student.


Our philosophy:

The Student

· THE STUDENT is the most important person in our building.

· THE STUDENT deserves our most courteous and attentive treatment.

· THE STUDENT does not interrupt our work; he/she is the purpose of it.

· THE STUDENT brings us his/her needs; it is our job to fulfill them.

· THE STUDENT is part of our school; he/she is not an outsider.

· THE STUDENT does not depend on us: we depend on the student.

· THE STUDENT is our purpose.

Please come and join us at Moores Hill School.


Beverly E. Moore, Principal






At Moores Hill School we believe that every child can learn! Our dedicated staff is prepared and eager to work with our students and their families to provide a quality education in a nurturing learning environment.
Moores Hill School has ranked exemplary for the past several years. Our teaching teams use the Common Core Standards to make sure each student is growing at their full potential.
Please come and spend time with us. We believe it is important to have a working partnership: student, teacher and parents all committed to a common goal. We encourage parents to volunteer in our school and we have an active PTO.
My door is always open to our patrons and the Moores Hill School families. We are proud of our school, our students and our community.
Beverly E. Moore


Student Council








Mission Statement

The Mission of Moores Hill Elementary School is to provide a safe and effective learning environment in which all students are given equal opportunities for acquiring an education enabling them to their fullest potential eacademically, emotionally, physically, and socially.

SDCSC Statement of Respect

"We know that each of us is important and valuable, and we will try never to put anyone down by what we say or by what we do. We also know that we are all different in one way or another, and we will always practice being friendly and respectful to others."




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