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Building Project 2016

At the August 15 Board meeting, the South Dearborn Community School Board approved a total building project not to exceed $13.5 million dollars. The work will be divided in to six different projects, as per the individual buildings. Each of the six projects will be under $10 milllion. Should the full $13.5 million be utilized, the tax bill impact to the taxpayer would be approximately $0.0861 per $100 of assessed value. For an average township home valued at $150,000, this represents an annual tax increase of approximately $56.18 annually or $4.68 per month.

South Dearborn Community School Corporation held four public meetings to discuss needed maintenance of, and upgrades to, the corporation's facilities. The public and taxpayers were all encouraged to attend and be informed about the proposals under discussion. Each of the four work sessions were open to the public to offer an opportunity for stakeholders to provide input to the Board. All four work sessions were advertised in the local media outlets and on the school's website.

A list of proposed projects were developed by Central Office staff and building principals over several months during walk-throughs of each respective building. The proposed work includes replacement of carpeting throughout the district, replacement of ceiling tiles, enhancing building exteriors and entrances, remodeling the high school auditorium, remodeling and adding to the high school musical arts, choir, and band facilities, adding new signage, remodeling the football/track restrooms, completing maintenance and repairs of the high school pool, upgrading to LED interior and exterior lighting, placing artificial turf on the football field, and building a new, multi-purpose activity center.

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Please contact Dr. John Mehrle, Superintendent, or Scott Willoughby, Board President, with any questions.

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